1. Strength Train. Your body will thank you. 

2. Surround yourself with people who believe you can succeed… perhaps more than you do.

3. Happiness is a choice. Life is too short to be anything but HAPPY.
4. Meet yourself, LOVE yourself ==>then you will attract that.
5. LESS is MORE. (Especially when it comes to exercise and how much you tell someone the first time you meet them.)
6. If weight loss is your main goal, IT IS ALL ABOUT NUTRITION!
7. Go to bed early… wake up early. (Morning people are more successful and driven and in my experience more pleasant to be around.)
8. Dreams come true. Figure out what you want, get clear on what YOU DON’T WANT. Listen to your gut. Pivot as necessary and see it through until the end.
10. Don’t be so hard on yourself.
11. Learn what makes you feel good. Do those things daily. Learn what makes you feel bad. Eliminate those things from your daily life as much as possible. Many people have no idea how good they can actually feel or that a lot of it is well within their control.

12. Cook your own food and learn to like doing it. Food is the medicine of the future.

13. Prioritize Protein.
14. Move your body and your heart will follow.
15. Spend time outside every day. Vitamin D, fresh air, and nature are all very calming.
16. It’s all about the GLUTES, HAMMIES + ABS BABY
18. Make training for LONGEVITY your #1 priority. Whether you are training for weight loss, general strength gains or competitions, you don’t want to get hurt in the process!
19. The pain you feel in your body is most likely a result of MISALIGNMENT ELSEWHERE. RIBCAGE OR PELVIS? Don’t shoot the messenger… find the source.
20. Online dating isn’t just for creeps. With the amount of hours people work these days, MATCH.com could actually be the way you meet “THE ONE.”
21. Appreciate your body every day. No matter what shape, size, or strength. It houses your soul and does MUCH more than what it looks like on the outside. You are NOT your body.
22. Practice GRATITUDE
23. Never stop learning. Consider it investing in yourself.
24. Practice Mindful Movement with focus on your breath and position. It’s good for you and for everyone around you.

25.  Live within your means.
26. No one is an expert at everything, but there are plenty of experts in each field. If you need help with something seek out a coach or a mentor. Don’t struggle unnecessarily. The fact of the matter is you will teach THEM something too… I guarantee it.
27. Learn from your pets. Not only has having Tater taught me a lot about patience and love it has made me enjoy the little things more and has made me less self- centered. I worry less about my appearance and more about his happiness. I watch him relax, enjoy sunshine as well as each and every complete stranger we encounter on our walks.
28. Consider renaming your workouts to “training sessions.” Training is just like practice, there is a plan involved and you are there to get better and better each time. After training you should be able about your day afterwards as opposed to laying on the floor seeing stars. It shouldn’t take everything in your power to finish the session each time, and it shouldn’t be this monotonous boring chore to complete every day. Do something that makes you happy and makes your body feel good, and strive to do better each time!
30. MAKE YOURSELF YOUR PRIORITY. Spend time and money NOW on healthy food and exercise. People are living way longer than they used to. You want to enjoy every moment of this life as opposed to taking pills, having surgeries and just being plain uncomfortable right?!
31. Women and MAMAS are STRAIGHT UP SUPERHERO’S! We can grow humans inside of us and birth them out of our vaginas…and then sustain these babies on the outside as well. RESPECT. The love you feel for your child is unlike any other thing I have ever experienced. They make my heart smile and are my greatest gifts. THEY ALSO CHALLENGE THE FUCK OUT OF ME.
32. Sitting is literally wrecking your body. MOVE, kneel, sit, get up numerous times throughout the day.
33. Your diaphragm + pelvic floor are part of your CORE. BREATHING IS LIFE. Anyone who has ever had a baby should see a pelvic floor physical therapist. AND probably a lot of people who haven’t had babies should see them as well.
34. The grief of losing someone you love is the most painful thing you will ever experience. Your life will never be the same again. My mind still doesn’t allow me to actually believe my sister is gone. It is up to you to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
35. Your fear is full of shit…DO IT SCARED.

36. TRUST YOURSELF. Get really quiet and listen. You know the answer. 

37. Despite the pain and ugliness, LIFE IS CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!!!! If you allow these lessons to sink in, I believe that you too will THRIVE!

38. Mom’s, your health and wellness directly impact your CHILDREN’S health + happiness. 

39. Teach your children as much as you can about truths 1-38 😍 It is even more important that we LIVE our values and pass on what it means to take care of ourselves for the next generation 💛 Learning to listen to what our body needs, how food makes us feel and where food comes from is getting lost.