Did you know there is a STRONG connection between your CORE STRENGTH + YOUR INNER THIGHS? They connect deep in the front line and when traditional core strength work isn't working it's time to take a look at your inner thighs! Core strength is so important in our day...

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Arvigo Abdominal Massage For Ovulation Pain

This post is about MY experience post baby #2 with debilitating ovulation pain.  I have met many women who have used Arvigo Abdominal Massage for help with menstruation cramps, fertility issues, c- section adhesions and digestion (constipation) as well. I am not...

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Tone At Home: The 10 Best Butt Exercises For Home Workouts

TONE AT HOME : The 10 Best Butt Exercises For Home Workouts As a working mom of two I TOTALLY understand what it's like to be strapped for time. That doesn't mean that working out has to fall to the wayside. It simply means we have to get creative at home. For those...

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Strength Training For Women In South Boston

Strength Training in Boston Did you know that Stacey Schaedler Strength is a small studio in the heart of South Boston that specializes in Strength Training for Women?!? Are you a woman who wants to learn how to strength train intelligently but the cost of personal...

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If It Isn’t Scheduled, It Isn’t Real!

If it isn’t scheduled, it isn't real! This is something I learned in B School with Marie Forleo a decade ago and it’s oh so true. This week I want you to take 10-20 minutes and sit down with a notebook and write out how you would realistically like to spend your time....

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4 Reasons Why Moms Should Strength Train

To me Strength Training as a Mom is a no brainer...but some moms still need some help in order to be convinced that making strength training a priority in their busy lives will benefit them. Momming is non stop. Whether you are carrying them, chasing after them or...

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Hi + Welcome! I’m Stacey.


Personal Trainer + hot mess mama to two girls and my handsome pitbull Tater.

I have a passion for helping women feel strong + confident AF in the body they were given. There is no such thing as TMI when it comes to being a woman, being a mother or my mental health. I swear too much for some people and I am ALWAYS sporting a headband, a coffee and a soda water.

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