Hey you!
Yes you.
Are you hunching forward looking at your screen right now?
Today I’m talking mobility. Here is an oldie but goodie t-spine opener for those of you who sit for the majority of the day.
Give me 5 deep breaths with rotation each side.
I dare ya!
Get down on the floor now, or save it for your gym warm up routine. I love this exercise drill to undo habitual patterning in the body (sitting, sleeping, hunching ).
Think of it as peeling back the layers + and helping you to better access your core and glutes… which can a long way in helping you move better.
Remember everything you do you must undo!
Below are two videos…
One from when I first started my own business and one 7 years in. I now have 2 kiddos and my body has been through a lot more changes.
There is nothing wrong with the first video; it is just a great reminder that it’s not what exercises you are doing it’s how you are doing them that matters most.
Having a good coach with great cues can make all the difference in the way your body feels!

Can you notice the subtle cueing differences?
Did they make a difference for you?
Let me kn0w!