I’m sitting downstairs in the hotel lobby with Keri waiting for HOT Starbucks coffee. You know the kind that will get my newsletter out to you guys and take me through Day 3 of the Women’s Fitness Summit. Yesterday morning Keri agreed to be the guinea pig for the bodyweight workout I am sending you guys right now 🙂 We had  blast and it gave me another chance to watch her move since she hired me as her coach starting Monday…we are going to have so much fun!
The following workout is great because all you need is your body and we all have one of those!
Since it is a bodyweight workout the repetitions are high and the speed is a bit faster than what you might be accustomed to seeing from me.

First superset:
Bear Crawl ( so many variations to chose from, so feel free to get creative) 20 forward, 20 backward

Single Leg Hip Thrust- 15/15

Repeat 2-3x
T -Stand Pushup-10-12 repetitions

Split Squat (forward lean)- 15/15

Repeat 2-3x
CHA CHA CHA (alternating single deadlift)- 30 total

Plank with reach- 20 total

Repeat 2-3x
Deadlift Jumps- 12

Hollow Body Rolls-12

Repeat 2-3x
Don’t forget to let me know how you felt afterwards + please tag #progressnotperfection or #smartstrength when you share a video or picture BEFORE, DURING or AFTER your workout!!!!!
The internet is being a bit unreliable so I am sending out the workout  SOLO…at least you’ll get that!
Stay tuned for my favorite take aways  from the Women’s Fitness Summit!!!!