I hope you are enjoying another great weekend… perhaps you are still catching up from your Memorial Day Weekend activities!
This past week I shared a SHORT FLOW to get you moving and breathing after the long weekend.  I 100% believe that some movement and attention to breath is better than nothing 🙂
The following takes only 3 minutes and will leave you feeling great!

In client news: Ankita joined Justine + Ruth in the over #200 deadlift club this past week!
A special THANK YOU to my strong ladies who continue to blow me away with their dedication and support of one another!

  This weekend wraps up yet another successful month of my Online Group Nutrition Coaching! This guy is getting closer and closer to his wedding and he sure is looking good 🙂 Remember sustainable fat-loss is a PROCESS, not an EVENT. Our goal is to make this a LIFESTYLE!

Do you need the extra bump of accountability and encouragement?
Take this questionnaire to apply for my online group nutrition program!
Here is what the program is all about:

Progress not Perfection 4-Week Nutrition Coaching Program: $99
 (option to continue monthly)
Progress not Perfection 4-Week Nutrition Coaching Program will help you establish your own sustainable way of eating: through awareness and the establishment of a healthy relationship with food.
During this program you will learn:
·       The importance of being prepared. The most importance “exercises” of the week are grocery shopping + meal preparation.
·       Which foods represent which macronutrients and how/when you should be eating them to optimize energy levels, satiety and eliminate cravings.
·       How to eat for YOUR body (awareness of how foods make YOU feel) as well as how to eat for where you are in life + whatever goals you are pursuing.
·       How to be prepared for dining out and traveling.
·       40+ easy recipes
·       Establish new nutrition and lifestyle habits and the tools necessary to be successful for the long haul.
 During this month, you will keep track of your daily food intake and are responsible for sharing your progress with the Progress Not Perfection Nutrition Facebook group.
Tools: Facebook Accountability Group, MyNetDiary, grocery shopping list, 40+ recipes, self reflection journaling questions, plug and play method for sustainable eating, Progress not Perfection Sustainable Eating packet (50+ pages)
Templates: Meal planning worksheet
SLOTS ARE FILLING UP FAST, (coaching officially starts Monday June 8th)
Please apply here OR feel free to shoot me an email stacey@staceyschaedler.com for more information on how YOU can get started!

Recently, I have been feeling more motivated than ever! My Kick-Ass Clients truly inspire me more and more each day. On Wednesday afternoon, after my catnap I hit a personal record on my chin-ups! It was a pretty great day 🙂

In fact I have been so motivated, I dug up one of my favorite LOVE TO HATE workouts from 2009.
I went through it and WOW, I got my ass kicked.  A good ass-kicking once every few weeks is good at keeping you honest, so I figured I would share it with you!
WARNING: This workout is VERY sagittal plane dominant, and is something I used to do BEFORE I adapted my #smartstrength training methods, so make sure you WARM-UP with something like this first. 
Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
Round 1: Swings
1- Arm Dead Swing- Right Side -5, Left Side-5
2 -Handed Swings- 20
Repeat for 3 Total Rounds

Round 2: Cleans
Dead Cleans-5 Right Side
Long Cycle Cleans-10 Right Side
Repeat on Left Side
Repeat For 3 Total Rounds

Round 3: Windmills
Windmills Right-5, Left-5
Figure-8 to hold- 20
Hand-to- Hand Sumo-20
Repeat for 3 Total Rounds

Round 4: Snatches
High Pulls-5 Right Side
1/2 Snatches -5 Right Side
Snatches-5 Right Side
Repeat on Left Side
Repeat for 3 Total Rounds

Round 5- Squats
Dead Clean+ Squat Right- 5
Long Cycle Clean + Squat Right-5
Repeat on Left Side
Repeat for 3 Total Rounds

Round 6- Clean+ Presses
Dead Clean + Push Press Right-5
Long Cycle Clean + Press Right-10
Repeat on Left
Repeat for 3 Total Rounds

GOOD LUCK +be sure to let me know how it went! #progressnotperfection


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Hope you enjoyed this weeks update!