My next online nutrition coaching group starts January 2019! One of the first questions I get from new clients is:”WTF are macros and why would I track them?” Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat are macronutrients also known as MACROS. EVERYTHING you eat is a combination of these three macronutrients. The fact remains that we need all 3 of these macronutrients in our diet in order to lose fat, change our body composition and BE HEALTHY!
One of the simplest ways to think of meals is PLUG N PLAY. I created this method 6 years ago when I started to simplify online nutrition coaching for my clients. Most of your meals can easily be pulled together using this method. You don’t have to live out of tupperware containers and eating on the go is simple when you know which foods represent which macronutrients.

P is for Protein 🌟
Protein is super important because our bodies cannot make it on our own. Protein helps us stay fuller longer and can level out hunger signals as well as prevent cravings. Protein can take longer to digest, which provides a slight thermogenic effect. (or can constipate you if you increase too much too fast) EVERYONE is different. You have to find YOUR optimal protein intake. I generally recommend .7-1 g protein per lb of bodyweight.

C is for carbohydrates.

Our brains and bodies need carbohydrates in order to function properly. Veggies and fruits are non-starchy carbohydrates while breads, potatoes and cereal are starchy carbohydrates. I encourage you to experiment with eating your starchy carbs after you exercise or perhaps before you go to bed because they can help you sleep! Depending on daily activity, training and lifestyle carbohydrate intake can range from 100-225 grams.
(The fact of the matter is some of you are SUPER ACTIVE and NOT EATING ENOUGH CARBS…which can be trouble. Some of you are NOT SUPER ACTIVE and EATING TOO MANY CARBS so you are not in control of your craving or energy levels. We want to control these things so that you can be in FAT LOSS MODE and stay there!)

F is for fat. Eating healthy fats DOES NOT make you fat. In fact you need to EAT FAT in order to LOSE FAT. FEMALES especially need a good amount of healthy fats in order to optimize our moods, maintain a healthy sex drive, and lose excess body fat. Especially as we age. Realize that fat has a higher calorie count and it can be very filling so watch your portion sizes here. AGAIN EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT but on average I’d say 40-80g of healthy fats is ideal.

As you can see it is much more then simply calories that we want to take a look at when finding a sustainable approach to eating! If you want to learn more about my online nutrition coaching simply send me an email!
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