Equipment Recommendations

For 10 years, I was able to train thousands of people with bare bones equipment. I didn’t have a whole gym full of fancy machines and equipment. I literally started Stacey Schaedler Strength with just a set of kettlebells, a few random sets of dumbbells, suspension trainers, resistance bands, three stability balls, a bunch of mini bands, and some tune up balls. That’s all you’ll need to get started, too. 

My Move Your Body programming is designed specifically to be completed at home and work with limited equipment. There are some things you’ll definitely need, and others that are nice to have.

You will want:

Instead of paying high shipping fees on weights, you can also keep an eye on local options: Try Costco, Target, Wal-Mart, Play It Again Sports, and even Facebook Marketplace. 


What size weights should I buy?

Let’s say you are a true beginner and haven’t lifted weights much at all. A set of 10-12lb dumbbells, an 8kg kettlebell, and a 12kg kettlebell should serve you well!

If you are an intermediate lifter, I suggest a set of 20lb dumbbells, a 12kg kettlebell, and a 20kg kettlebell.

If you are more advanced I suggest a set of  25-35lb dumbbells, a 16kg kettlebell, and a 24-28kg kettlebell. 

Remember, I want you to challenge yourself, NOT make the exercises impossible!

Additional items that would be nice to have:


    Now that you know what you need. 

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