Move Your Ass



Need some accountability in order to get your workouts done at home?
We are here for you!
In order to stay connected and healthy sometimes we need to just show up for a workout with someone else.


My LIVE online workouts are now accessible to anyone + everyone to keep you moving and staying healthy in body and mind. 


Online Class Schedule


Wednesday 7am EST

Move Your Ass

Strength Class

Friday 8am EST

Move Your Ass

Strength Class

DROP IN // $25 per session

Want to try out a workout or two? Join us during any of our sessions.

Recommended Equipment:

  • A set of heavy + light dumbbells or kettlebells
  • Long band, with or without handles
  • chair/bench
  • wall space
  • wedge/yoga mat
  • yoga block / foam roller
  •  mini-band

How to Join:

Step 1. Register for the class you want to attend by clicking the “Register here” link above.

Step 2. You will register and pay for the class at the same time.

Step 3. Once you’ve registered you will receive instructions on how to attend the class.