Change Your Position to Change the Muscles that Activate.

Change your position to change the muscles that activate. Makes sense right? I think we can all agree that Pregnancy and Postpartum change your posture. Your abdominals stretch to accommodate for the growing baby and they take time and consistent effort to get back on...

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Pregnancy + Postpartum Side Plank

Elevated side planks are one of my favorite core exercises. I especially love them for my pregnant and postpartum mamas.Here is an awesome little addition if you’re struggling to feel those lower abs in addition to your obliques....

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Mamas Check Yoself Before You Wreck Yoself

Today I am talking about how to assess yourself and clients for diastasis recti (abdominal separation). Lucy is 6 weeks postpartum with her second child and has been cleared for movement. As coaches it is our job to educate our clients as to what is going on in their...

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Which will provide the most benefit when it comes to the goal of fat loss?Changing your nutrition or increasing the number of times you exercise each week? HINT: It’s NOT EXERCISE.Strength training (exercise) 3x a week is a great way to maintain muscle mass throughout...

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Breathing Exercises To Improve Core Strength

The benefits of breathing are too many to name! The fact is we have over 20,000 opportunities each and every day to improve our ability to breathe. Breathing is the foundation of a strong core and breathing establishes the strongest foundation for movement. I...

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Personal Trainer + hot mess mama to two girls and my handsome pitbull Tater.

I have a passion for helping women feel strong + confident AF in the body they were given. There is no such thing as TMI when it comes to being a woman, being a mother or my mental health. I swear too much for some people and I am ALWAYS sporting a headband, a coffee and a soda water.

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