So you’ve grown and birthed humans and you still want to be able to jump and play without worrying about leaking.

Seeing as you have the rest of your life ahead of you, I don’t think that is too much to ask 😉

Try stacking your ribcage over your pelvis with a slight forward lean and exhale right before you hit the ground.

As a trainer, I encounter far more women with a TIGHT pelvic floor that experience leaking with exercise. This is why breathing is just SO IMPORTANT 🤗

When you take a deep inhale your diaphragm descends down and so too should your pelvic floor. Many of us hold too much tension and cannot get a good inhale alllllllll the way down (to our vaginas 🤫)

Learn how to do this first:


We don’t run around flexing our biceps and expect them to be strong?!?!

Unclench your ass cheeks, abdominals and bring some awareness to what your pelvic floor is doing in day to day life.

AKA: most of us cannot just kegel our way to a “stronger pelvic floor” we must breathe our way there 🌬

Your diaphragm and pelvic floor must coordinate in order to manage pressure properly… aka no leaking, back pain, hernias or prolapse. Inhale and PF descend on inhale and lift on exhale. YES INHALE ALL THE WAY TO YOUR ASSHOLE 😂

Inner thighs (adductors) need to wake up postpartum. They have a deep connection to your PELVIC FLOOR + LOWER ABS.
I cue an exhale (block squeeze + empty air from the bottom up) as you exert and press.

Laying on your back is a super safe place for a new mom to ease back into breathing + strength training

I want you to practice this and feel confident as fuck using your core and pelvic floor coordination so it’s second nature.

Breathing 101: 5-10 breaths (RECONNECT TO YOUR CORE BREATH)

Don’t you dare skip just because it’s boring!

Breathing 101: 5-10 breaths (RECONNECT TO YOUR CORE BREATH)