This is the final post in a series of 4 about how to build a better booty. If you are just joining us in this series, WELCOME 🤗 – you can find the whole series below:

We all know a muscle must lengthen in order to contract. You wouldn’t ONLY perform the top portion of a bicep curl and expect it to grow, right?! Same goes for your glutes 🤯 -> you gotta let em go, to help them grow 🌱

But I’m NOT talking about “letting go” with stretching. I am talking about breathing in specific positions that allow muscles to “let go”. Only after they “let go” can be used through their full range when strength training.

This hip shift for tight glutes could just be your favorite new way to “STRETCH” 😉 Give it a shot for 20 breaths and see which cues resonate with you. It’s magic I tell you.

We have to be able to breathe all the way down (to our vaginas + a**holes) in order for our deep hip muscles to lengthen. Only THEN they can contract to their full potential—getting you strong AF + resilient over time.

When we can relax through the backside, we are able to shift into each side of our hips (accessing internal rotation) and use that length to get a great contraction.