Just 2 days until I get to SEE YOU!!!!!

If you are just joining me, here are some helpful videos that breakdown the concepts I will be talking about and having you FEEL in your body on Sunday 💪🏽

Pillar #1

Pillar #2

Pillar #3

We all know a muscle must lengthen in order to contract. Like you wouldn’t perform the top portion of a bicep curl only and expect it to grow!?!?!?

Same goes for your glutes 🤯—-> you gotta let em go, to help them grow🌱

NOW I AINT’T TALKING ABOUT STRETCHING Y’ALLLLLL. I am talking about breathing in specific positions that allow certain muscles to “let go”. Then they can be used through their full range when strength training.

It’s magic I tell you.

We have to be able to breathe all the way down (to our vaginas + a**holes in order for our deep hip muscles to lengthen….only THEN they can contract to their full potential getting you strong AF + resilient over time.

When we can relax through the backside, we are able to shift into each side of our hips (accessing internal rotation) using that length to get a great contraction.

THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO START, give it a shot for 20 breaths! Watch the video and see which cues resonate with you. This could just be your favorite new way to “STRETCH” 😉