If you still believe that women’s bodies just “bounce back” after pregnancy + postpartum.
Think again.
Our body/ posture and positioning fundamentally CHANGES after we grow a human.
As a personal trainer with a conscience I don’t believe you can just “go back to doing what you did” during pregnancy or pre pregnancy.

This is exactly why I’m so passionate about educating mothers on returning to exercise postpartum. As well as getting women to strength train BEFORE they ever even think about getting pregnant.

You can’t chase the sweat or the burn of a long hard workout all the time. Instead prioritize smart strength training + core breathing.


Smart strength exercise leaves you FEELING BETTER+ keep you PAIN-FREE so that you have the energy to tackle the long days of motherhood.

Being a mom of 2 little ones is no fucking joke.

I’m going to start with a little explanation of what we are doing here and WHY.

Because the WHY has ALWAYS been important to me.

Your diaphragm and pelvic floor must coordinate in order to manage pressure properly… aka no leaking, back pain, hernias or prolapse. Inhale and PF descend on inhale and lift on exhale. YES INHALE ALL THE WAY TO YOUR ASSHOLE 😂

Inner thighs (adductors) need to wake up postpartum. They have a deep connection to your PELVIC FLOOR + LOWER ABS.
I cue an exhale (block squeeze + empty air from the bottom up) as you exert and press.

Laying on your back is a super safe place for a new mom to ease back into breathing + strength training

I want you to practice this and feel confident as fuck using your core and pelvic floor coordination so it’s second nature.

Heels elevated squatty squat, inhale to relax the back of the pelvic floor and exhale squeeze the block as you lift.

When you have a 30lb toddler and a 12lb baby at home you want to know how to manage pressure, so please don’t believe that moms have to stick to 5lb weights.

Mom life is hard on your body and smart strength training helps SO MUCH.


Take a moment to check in with your body + mind BEFORE you start the workout.


Breathing 101: 5-10 breaths (RECONNECT TO YOUR CORE BREATH)

Don’t you dare skip just because it’s boring!

Breathing 101: 5-10 breaths (RECONNECT TO YOUR CORE BREATH)

Hammy Bridges– 12-15 reps

Floor Press- 10-12 reps


Squats – 10