Safe and effective workouts for Pregnant women


Build strength safely, and enjoy the ride of pregnancy while taking care of your body + mind.

What is M.I.L.F?

Mamas in love with fitness was born from my pregnancy and postpartum experience, and that of my clients. As women, we need real, no bullshit information on how to strength train to the degree our bodies can handle while pregnant, as well as gain body awareness for the postpartum period. M.I.L.F. is a smart strength training program designed specifically for pregnancy.

We prioritize:

  • Smart Strength training 2- 4 times per week.
  • Respecting what your body is doing— not overdoing it while pregnant.
  • Breathing, alignment, posture.
  • Having enough energy to tackle your day.
  • Making strength training a fundamental part of self-care

M.I.L.F Programming includes:

  • Smart Strength training plans that change every 4 weeks, customized to where you are in pregnancy.
  • Access to hundreds of video tutorials and demonstrations with coaching cues for every single exercise in the program.
  • Printable tracking sheets to record your workouts.
  • Monthly exercise calendar.
  • All of this expertise, guidance and information for a fraction of the $500 a month my in-person clients pay.

Why Mamas need M.I.L.F

There is so much contradictory information out there for exercising during pregnancy. As I see it, “keep doing what you’ve always done” simply isn’t good enough for this time in your life. My personal experiences directly reflect how I train pregnant women in person and I want to share that knowledge more widely with M.I.L.F. This program enables women to strength train safely and effectively during pregnancy while simultaneously taking your postpartum body into consideration.

Is M.I.L.F for you?

Are you:

  • Thinking about having a baby or trying to get pregnant, and want to be your healthiest self?
  • Currently pregnant and confused by all the conflicting messages out there about fitness during pregnancy?

You have come to the right place. This program is tailored to meet your fitness needs regardless of your stage of pregnancy, you can join at anytime!

What you get with M.I.L.F

Smart Strength Training

You’ll get personalized training plans specifically for your stage of pregnancy. Within the first year of motherhood, you WILL be toting around a 20-pound toddler. Smart Strength will get you strong enough to carry that not-so-little one around with ease. I’ll provide you with three total body workouts per week tailored for where you are in your pregnancy journey. With intelligent strength training, just a few workouts a week will help you to feel more confident, strong and able.

For access to M.I.L.F as well as feedback on your form from Stacey inside of a private Facebook group join the Move Your Body Membership!

The results don’t lie…

I wanted to tell you just how much I’ve been enjoying your MILF workouts. I’m 28 weeks and still feel great! Even the trainers I don’t know in my gym give me high fives when they see me working out with my belly. Besides feeling good at the gym, these strength training workouts really make a big difference on my everyday life. My male labmate and I had to implant tumors in 100 mice, which involves standing very still for 3 hours straight. At the end of the three hours we were both pretty tired. The next day he came in complaining his back was sore, but I felt completely fine! Your emphasis on good form and posture in your videos have significantly helped me feel much more comfortable during this pregnancy. So now you can add strength training for pain-free mouse tumor implantation to your resume! Hehe.

– Francesca, Mama + Scientist

Working with Stacey and the MILF online program was one of the most important things I did while I was pregnant. I already lifted for years before getting pregnant but knew I needed special guidance for the upcoming months and, knowing she had 2 little ones of her own, I knew she’d be perfect! The workouts weren’t long and painful, they were the perfect length of time/frequency and I had no problems getting them done even while working full-time as a nurse. In addition to her awesome attitude and support, she always had an alternative option or way to do an exercise when things didn’t feel right as my body changed. Continuing to lift during my pregnancy helped me physically as well as mentally.  She taught me how to change my breathing which I *NEVER* thought about before in my life. Core breathing made movements so much more effective and really allowed me to slow down and concentrate instead of just going through the motions. I am far from an expert on it, but the changes I made to my breathing had a huuuuge positive effect on my pregnancy and recovery now postpartum. I cannot thank her enough and I recommend this to any mama-to-be!

– Danielle, 33 Nurse

I trained with Stacey to initially look great for my wedding, but once I started I knew it would be something I’d do for life! I was especially excited to continue training with her when I found out I was pregnant since she had recently gone through the experience herself, and was so knowledgeable and passionate about the pregnancy journey. I know women who stopped working out during their pregnancy and have so many aches and pains, both during and after baby. Working out with Stacey during pregnancy always felt safe, and gave me the energy I needed to get through my day. Plus, it made me feel like I was preparing myself both physically and mentally for labor. I pushed out a 10 lb baby in 45 minutes; the nurses were all so impressed, and I was so proud of myself! Recovery seemed so much easier, especially when I spoke with other friends who didn’t work out. Now that I have my son, I love feeling like I’m strong enough to carry him and his gear everywhere. Stacey is a constant source for me for any post-partum questions and insight about my nutrition and recovery. She also fosters a fun, energetic training environment that I so enjoy being a part of. I can’t imagine my experience without her!

Love you!!

– Lucy, 34 Mama X2 Sales Boss

I started working with Stacey in her group session when I was 6 months pregnant with my second daughter. Soon after my first, I suffered a back/spinal injury that lasted nearly 2 years. This took a major toll on my physical state, but as a lifelong athlete and competitor, my mental state as well. When I got pregnant again, I had lost so much muscle I was worried how my body would ever hold up. I was apprehensive to start any type of activity and feeling overwhelmed “starting from scratch”. Stacey took all of this into account; my body type, my injury, my schedule… and got me through my pregnancy with zero pain or injuries. Stacey’s outlook on fitness, health and life in general is motivating and contagious. She is incredibly knowledgeable about structural/ postural body mechanics, and where and how I needed to strengthen and stretch, but she also genuinely cares, and she genuinely gets it. I am now close to 5 months postpartum and following her online MILF program. With two children it’s been hard to find the time to get these sessions in, which has made it that much more empowering that they all got done. Stacey has been available every step of the way for motivation, checking on my form and bringing a dose of balance and hilarity to it all. These sessions, and feeling my body slowly get stronger, (and being pain free!) are sometimes the only things that keep me sane! Can’t say enough great things about Stacey’s program and her as a coach and person in general!

– Maile, 40 Mama X2 Sales Boss

“I truly believe that these workouts and breathing exercises throughout my pregnancy helped me through labor. We got to the hospital at 7 am, I started pushing around 4:30pm and 67 minutes later our little love bug was born! Thank you for everything Stacey!”

– Megan, 37 Mama + Marketing

Hi. I’m Stacey!

I’ve spent 15 years in the fitness industry, the last eight running my own semi-private personal training business. I’ve trained thousands of women, many of whom are pregnant or have just given birth over the last few years. Going through my own pregnancy, I was told on multiple occasions by different people that because I was fit and active that my body would just “bounce back” after giving birth.

That didn’t happen, but I learned a lot along my own journey back to fitness postpartum. I want to be your advocate and share my knowledge. I want to be the one who is comfortable talking about the unpleasant stuff. I want to point you in the right direction when you need help, open your eyes to new things and introduce you to a simpler way to live. You deserve to feel your best.

Have any questions about M.I.L.F. or how it can work for you?

Email me at stacey@staceyschaedler.com.

For access to M.I.L.F as well as feedback on your form from Stacey inside of a private Facebook group join the Move Your Body Membership!

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