Apparently, I do.
If in not getting ready for a certification, training for a competition, or prepping for a photo shoot, I’ve got limited motivation.
Sure I get in and train but I feel my drive lacking.
 Do I need a lifting partner? Do I need camaraderie?
What is going to keeping me pushing, hold me accountable and most of all get me FIRED UP?!?!

Since I am no longer working with my trainer in person, I send him videos of my progress.  This in itself keeps me accountable 🙂 This week I decided to record most of my workouts…here is a sample day!

Training Day

Each day I start by foam rolling for at least 10 minutes. If it’s an upper body day I have specific areas that I focus on, same goes with lower body. I then go into my mobility and stability warmup. On deadlift day this block I would perform overhead heavy medball slams and box jumps.
The session went a little bit like this.
Deadlift from Blocks: Singles at 135, 155, 175, 225 and 245. In between each single I would perform wall marches to keep my hip flexors open.

Split squat from deficit-3×10 @ 65lbs
T-pushups- 3x 10 with 15lb DB

Single leg slide board leg curls- 3x 10 with 20lbs
3-point DB Row- 3×10 @ 55lbs

Reverse Crunch- 4 sets of 10 with 12kg
Half kneeling face pull-3 sets of 12 @ 65lbs

Since this was week 4 in my block my sets were lower and my reps higher on accessory work. I also didn’t perform my usual 7-10 minutes of interval work at the end.

Thanks for keeping me focused 😀