Sleep, stress and food are all under control?
Okay now its time to move on to EXERCISE.  
WHY are you exercising?
A sequenced strength training session can set you up for an amazing day.  You feel tall and light, yet grounded and strong.  It’s not the same feeling as getting your ASS handed to you. (There’s nothing wrong with that 1-2 times a week in short duration)

I find that focusing on symmetry and posture makes your strength training more efficient and turns more heads! Seriously though there are few people out there with decent posture these days!!!
When it comes to the majority of my clientele and the way I have come to run my business LONGEVITY is the common thread that gets new clients in the door.  Training with me allows avid lifters to keep lifting, runners to keep running and people who sit at a desk for 8 hrs to go home and play with their kids without pain.
First off,  GET ASSESSED.  Every body is different. Having a trainer who knows the FMSto a decent degree will help you if you are experiencing difficulty with certain exercises.  Most of us have a good relationship with physical and manual therapists on the same wavelength as us. This allows YOU (the client) to have a team backing you; we can work together to get you moving in the right direction.
Secondly, learn what a FOAMROLLER is and consider buying a few LACROSSEBALLS.

Meet your new besties.

If your hip flexors are tight and your shoulders are hunched from sitting you won’t be able to engage your back body properly if you move right into strength work! You also don’t want your tight muscles acting as stabilizers and compensating for other areas of your body
It only makes sense to open certain areas up first before moving along to stability and strength.
Once the necessary muscles are open it is time to get the glutes and core going.  The glutes and core connect the upper body and the lower body and enable you to complete single leg and arm exercises successfully.
You know the feeling you get when you say “Oh yeah my BALANCE is horrible.”
Its not your BALANCE. It’s most likely your stability.
The majority of low back, knee and shoulder pain I see is a result of lack of mobility and or stability. 

 *Foam roll and self myofascial first, then necessary mobility and stability work, then on to strength.  Remember you do not want to strengthen movements that are not functioning efficiently! 
To me strength training is like art. Your body is the canvas and with the proper instruction you can create what you want.  Obviously genetics are HUGE.  
I am telling you strength training can actually CHANGE YOUR BODY…. for the better!
Gaining strength allows you to be more in control of your body two major ways.
  • The more lean muscle you have the easier it is to maintain the physique you have worked so hard for if you happen to “fall off” for a bit.
  • Strength and a keen sense of body awareness enables you to keep your body feeling its best. If carrying kids and groceries, or toting around camera’s while shooting a wedding is a part of your day to day; you NEED strength in order to make it through your days with ease.

That was probably a lot more info than you had bargained for. If you follow these simple steps I guarantee you will see results! 
Don’t forget:
All  you really need is 3 days of total body strength training.
Once this baseline is established for a few months MAYBE you end up building from here.
Perhaps you don’t.
Either way it will work…TRUST ME!
You want something that’s livable. After all you are in this for the long haul right?!
***Stay tuned for some examples of total body strength training days!