It has been a snowy week here in Boston! Here are two awesome workouts that can be done at home.
Within this first workout, you’ll get to try out a few of my favorite new exercise variations 🙂
You’ll need a kettlebell and a set of dumbbells or a set of kettlebells and a light dumbbell.
Make it work with what you’ve got and GET TO IT!
Warm up with 6 minutes of TGU’s
Round 1

Birddog Row-10/10
Kickstand Single Leg Squats-10/10
Jump Rope/ High Knees-60
Rest 2:00
Round 2

Alternating Floor Press-16
Rotational Lunge-10/10
Feet Elevated Glute Bridges-16
Rest 2:00

5 1-Arm swings right
5 strict presses right
5 squats right
5 1-Arm swings left
5 strict presses left
5 squats left
10 figure 8’s
Rest :45 seconds
Repeat 3-4x
*** I used a 12-16kg for the entire workout…as you can see its a bit of a sweaty one as opposed to pure strength! Whenever reps are higher choose a light/medium weight so that you can move through the rounds at a nice speed!
I’ve never been good at creatively naming my workouts :0
If you go through this one and a name comes to mind, please share it with me!
This next one is an oldie but goodie that you can complete inside with your Valentine, using no real equipment!

1) Lateral Skiiers-16,
2) Downward Dog Pushup-8,
3) Partner Hamstring Curls-8,
4) Wheelbarrow leg Drops-16,
5) Alternating Split #Squat Jumps-16.
Perform in an I GO, YOU GO fashion. Repeat for 4 rounds or 10-15 minutes!