As a business owner, I aim to please 🙂 I asked some of my clients to answer a 1 question survey in order to see how I could better serve them.  What would  YOU like to see more of from me!
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This week’s tutorial was another goodie I gained at the Women’s Fitness Summit last month. Regardless of your level, I have an option for YOU to get closer to nailing that handstand 🙂

Favorite Fitness Reads
An Honest Conversation About Healthy Fat Loss– Girls Gone Strong
There’s Always More to Say: Tattoos, Semi-colons, and Suicidal Depression – John Romaniello
“FitBit, You’re Doing It Wrong” – Paul Nobles
Missed Workout Shaming – Ross Enamiat
5 Traits Of A Successful Coach– Tony Gentilcore
Arching In The Bench Press: Please STFU– Chad Smith