Kettlebells have become all the rage in recent years…everyone and their mother is swinging!  Unfortunately, the majority of people I see swinging aren’t doing it properly.  Due to the fact that kettlebell swings are dynamic in nature (complex weighted movements requiring explosive power), they are not something to take lightly or perform on day one.  The swing is a dynamic movement performed most successfully using a hip hinge and a working set of glutes. If these two elements are in place, the swing will reward you with an array of benefits including a higher and tighter set of buns and a leaner overall physique. If they are not, you could strain your lower back among other potential injuries.

You definitely want to make sure you are properly warmed up before you get to swinging. Something like this should do the trick!  

Here are 5 Ways to SUCCESSFULLY Swing a Kettlebell (*Bonus Finisher Workout, too!)

The order in which I have listed them also happens to be the order in which I will teach them to the majority of my clientele.

1. How to Successfully Swing a Kettlebell:
The One-Arm Dead Swing

2. How to Successfully Swing a Kettlebell:
The Towel Swing

3. How to Successfully Swing a Kettlebell:
The Two-Handed Swing

4. How to Successfully Swing a Kettlebell:
The One-Arm Swing

5. How to Successfully Swing a Kettlebell:
The Hand to Hand Swing

 *BONUS Finisher Workout!

Most people are using the swing within their metabolic conditioning. This is great because the swing has the ability to rapidly elevate the heart rate and work your entire body in a very short amount of time. Using your favorite kettlebell swing variation from above, complete the finisher below.

How to Kettlebell swing

20 swings of your choice / 20 bear crawls

18 swings of your choice / 18 bear crawls

16 swings of your choice / 16 bear crawls

Continue this until you reach 10/10, Rest for 1-2 min and continue on down to 2/2.

If you are looking for a stand alone quick sweat session rest for 1-2 min once you reach 10/10, then proceed back up to 20/20!

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Here’s the complete playlist of the above kettlebell swing videos!