I am going to make this quick and share a lot of great stuff!
Just because I have become a mother doesn’t mean I don’t still have a huge passion for fitness 🙂 Things have definitely shifted a bit with the material I have been reading and the things I have experienced.  My pregnancy proved difficult, but what I was rewarded with is beyond worth it. I feel as though my life has been set on fire again, in ways I never knew possible!
This past week JVB and Jen Sinkler held their second UNAPOLOGETICALLY STRONG ONLINE POWERLIFTING MEET and my client Karen Smith “pretty much blew up the internet” with her PR SQUAT in the STRENGTH SHED with her awesome coach Anthony 🙂

 I wanted to give Karen another huge shoutout and let her know how proud I am of how far she has come over the last few years! When we first met she was unable to complete even the simplest of exercises without pain!!! Here she is benching, squatting and deadlifting LIKE A FUCKING BEAST!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t love it any more 🙂

Now that I am experiencing motherhood first hand I cannot emphasize the fact that being STRONG makes EVERYTHING EASIER!!! Mommas you gotta get strength training! 

This is one of my favorite regressions that I share with people who are getting started working out at home or older clientele looking to increase/maintain mobility/strength as they age!
Made THIS RECIPE for a party this weekend and it was actually a hit! I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Cauli-fried rice for a veggie party dish! Thanks @skinnytaste 👍🏻#progressnotperfection #goodeats #nutrition #food

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