Last night I had the pleasure of attending my little sister’s graduation from NYU.
She earned her Master’s in Industrial Organizational Psychology at the age of 25.
Needless to say last night was BEYOND SPECIAL.  My sister is a stunning example that ANYTHING is possible when you set your mind to it.
This is true in school, business, exercise, nutrition…you name it.
Life has a funny way of nudging you in the right direction and it seems to me that everything does in fact happen for a reason. I made some last minute schedule changes, (thank you to my kick ass clients for being so flexible) and I was able to make it to Connecticut to meet my parents and head to Astoria to “surprise” my sister 🙂mastersgraduation
We made it to Madison Square Garden with plenty of time to spare.  As with all graduations there are lots of speeches, some good; some forced.  The speaker who made the evening for me was Maria Bartiromo.  She provided the most real world, relatable advice to the graduates.  
I currently hold my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from UMass Amherst. I have no Master’s Degree and currently no desire to return to “traditional education”. I have found that interacting with people at an intimate level 24/7, has been my greatest teacher. 

Maria’s Tips For Success

  1. DON’T do it for the MONEY.
  2. Find your PASSION
  3. Seek the TRUTH
  4. WORK really fucking HARD (there are no short-cuts)
  5. Know in your heart what you are GOOD AT and what you LOVE.
  7. ALWAYS do the right thing, protecting your reputation is key.

So basically:
Do what you love, taking money out of the equation, + follow your heart!
In turn you WILL find your success and HAPPINESS….because that is what life is about.
I’d say it was a pretty fitting speech all around.