I have said it QUITE a few times this week… I have a NEW FAVORITE EXERCISE.  I am sharing the whole video with you! This tall kneeling ropes press is especially great for clients with torso + pelvic rotations as well as extreme lateral shifts. It utilizes nearly every muscle in your core and upper body  forcing your scapula to track along your ribcage, and all you need is a set of ropes! It’s scalable to all levels… just move further away from the wall if you want to make it more challenging. Be sure to hone in on the difference you feel from right to left… I promise you will not be disappointed!

It has been a LONG TIME since I shared a recipe, so here is one I made this past week atop spiralized zucchini!  I also ate these turkey meatballs as a snack with a green apple…totally satisfying 🙂meatballs
Also here is one of my favorite protein shakes courtesy of the archives!
Group Training is going STRONG in September!



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