This weeks tutorial Tuesday I broke down one of my favorite beginner upper body pulling exercises, the body row (inverted row).

If you aren’t already incorporating this exercise into your programs I highly recommend that you do!
I posted this photo on Instagram…it totally goes hand-in-hand with THIS AWESOME MUST READ ARTICLE FROM THIS PAST WEEK!



By now you know my online nutrition coaching is all about developing sustainable + realistic lifestyle changes, with the side effect of happiness, feeling awesome and improved body composition (looking SEXY AS FUCK) 
This new momma came to me with the goal of “getting her pre-baby body back”. What she got was WAY MORE THAN THAT.
I am all about LESS IS MORE.
We replaced some of her running with strength training and practiced taking more REST.
She focused in on food to a point that she felt most comfortable. We made these shifts gradually + went with what felt BEST FOR HER.
It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the work she did on the inside ( her head/ her heart) was far more praise worthy!!! I am so proud of you :))))
Here are some more notes from nutrition clients! 
“Stacey, you’re a fucking genius!! I weighed in this morning, not sure what to expect because my period is coming any day. I know weight is not the best measure, but the scale has confirmed the way I’ve been feeling and the changes I thought I was seeing. I’m down almost 4lbs since I started! I’ve also lost some inches. I was shocked to see this after a week of less exercise, although I really stuck to my nutrition.  I feel so much fucking better!!! I love the way I’m eating and we are saving money on groceries. My husband is also down a few lbs! I’m anxious to see my progress photos tomorrow! Thank you for taking me on this journey and I can’t wait to see what the next 4 weeks bring!
-Group Online Nutrition Coaching Client Month 1
So I am down 4 pounds so far this month.  18 pounds total.  😍 ”
-Group Online Nutrition Coaching Client Month 4
“OMFG 193! 😀 omg I thought it would never budge from 195! Lol I am SO super psyched right now.”
-Group Online Nutrition Coaching Client Month 3

Are YOU ready for results like these?
Are you ready to make a change?
Shoot me an email at, my next online group starts Monday August 17th! Slots are filling up fast + I’ll only be taking new folks on until Friday the 14th 🙂

All of my awesome clients keep me inspired day in and day out. Being a part of others successes motivates me to continue to strive to be the best version of myself day in and day out.
Here’s a clip from one of my training sessions outside with Anthony this past week! 


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How To Train For Non- Stop Fat Loss (the more you suck the leaner you get)– Dan John

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xoxo- Stacey