The last few months have been full of great kettlebell exercises. As you know, one of my favorite things to say is “Everything You Do, You Must Undo.”
Upper back tension from sitting at your desk or exercise?!?!?!?
Here is an amazing upper back release that drastically improves shoulder mobility courtesy of Jill Miller. Feel free to use a tennis ball!
If shoulder mobility is holding you back from progressing in your kettlebell training, check out THIS video and add it to your warmup!
May is rapidly approaching and my next group of ONLINE GROUP NUTRITION COACHING is filling up fast!
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Favorite Reads Of the Week!

The Top 3 Ways to Measure Fat Loss Progress– Stacey Schaedler
Metabolic Weight Loss: The 5 Laws of Metabolism– Jade Teta
The Crossfit Games and My Battle With Depression– Amanda Allen
20 Tips for Breaking Free from Binge Eating– Nia Shanks
Workout Nutrition Illustrated (Infographic)– John Berardi & Brian St. Pierre
Congrats to client Sarah on her awesome Boston Marathon Finish!!!!
boston marathon