Did you know that your glute medius is the tiny muscle responsible for stabilizing your hips and pelvis during weight bearing movements (AKA walking, running and lifting)
AND that without a stable pelvis you might experience back pain, hip pain or knee pain.
Well now you do!
There are plenty of isolation exercises that target the glute medius but this one takes the cake.

Anyone else have a left lazy ass like me?
Do this!
Want to improve your single leg strength?
Try this!
Can’t even fathom how certain people can bang out pistol squats…
Start here!
Don’t just skim by this one bc it looks easy.
Get off your ass and try it!

I’m not exaggerating when I say anyone and everyone can benefit from this one.
I first saw this exercise when I was pregnant with Eva. I remember sending it to my husband and telling him that if he couldn’t do it then he had no right back squatting 300lbs 😂
Then I saw it from my mentor Sarah Ellis Duvall with a band and a phenomenal explanation . You don’t need a band to do this exercise some people find it makes it harder while others like the feedback it provides.
I LOVE exercises that you can instantly feel and improve upon quickly. This is one of them!
It’s challenging to share all my cues in a 60 second clip so here are some of my favorite pointers.

  • Stand tall next to a wall feet approximately hip width apart.
  • Bend your left knee and lift your left leg half way towards your hip.
  • Keep tension outward on the band.
  • Drive the left knee and outside of the left foot into the wall… NOT YOUR LEFT HIP.
  • Maintain a neutral spine by tucking your chin and place your hands on front and back of your pelvis to maintain neural as you descend into a squat.
  • Feel your glutes lengthen and sit back and down, pause and drive back up with exhale.
  • Think about maintaining drive out at knees and all four corners of your standing foot on the ground.

You can use this exercise as a warm-up before running or as a single leg strength exercise within your strength training routine.
Give 5-8 reps a shot on each side.
Your 🍑 will thank me later.
Tag your favorite friends and let this one spread across the inter webs today 😉