For those of you who follow me on social media you know all about TUTORIAL TUESDAYS!
One of my business goals for the NEW YEAR is to post each weeks tutorial on my website and educate you a bit more on the how’s and why’s of these exercise recommendations!
I am also going to be progressing/ regressing  most of my tutorials from last year so that they are accessible for ALL FITNESS LEVELS! Can I get a hell yeah?!
Today’s feature is the awesome core exercise the Dead Bug!
I work with a lot of women who walk around in a ribs out, butt out posture (anterior pelvic tilt).  These are the same women who will experience lower back pain when completing most core exercises. All levels of the dead bug are awesome for clients who experience extension based back pain and oftentimes have a difficult time feeling their lower abs.  The dead bug enables you to practice a posterior (think of a dog dragging its butt on the floor) pelvic tilt, while simultaneously keeping your ribs down thus forcing your core to do all the work!
Dead Bugs Levels 1 + 2

Deadbugs Level 3

What are some of your favorite go- to core exercises?!?!