This month is ALL about the BASICS!
I began last week with the squat.
This weeks tutorial was all about the push-up.
The first video contains two of my favorite beginner variations on the push-up.

If you have the strength to perform real push-ups, lets take a look and review your form!
Here are some great tips and cues to think about when performing a proper push-up.

Lastly here is one of my personal favorites that gets the upper back involved a bit more! It’s really great for your posture 🙂

Client Success Stories

I have been continually blown away by how well clients are doing with my online nutrition coaching.
Katie lives in San Diego California and takes part in CrossFit Humanity‘s POWERLIFTING PROGRAM.
She has lost over 10lbs and continues to set PR’s on her bench, squat and deadlift. She recently added 30lbs to her squat AND she joined the 200# club in her deadlift! GO KATIE!!!!!

Who says fat-loss is impossible over the age of 50?!?
Dee continues to get stronger despite losing over 20lbs!


Favorite Fitness Reads

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Stop Expecting Everything Right This Second: Thoughts on Grit– Jill Coleman
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xoxo- Stacey
Since I have literally fallen in love with my online nutrition coaching program I have decided to begin an ONLINE GROUP STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM! Look for more information coming soon 🙂 Don’t hesitate to email me if this is something that you are interested in!