Happy Sunday!
This past week was chock full of fun: training clients, hiking with Tater, starting a new strength training block and attending my first ever gymnastics class!
I want to emphasize just how important it is to find things that make you happy.  Oftentimes the things that end up making you the happiest can be inconvenient and even SCARY!!!
As most of you know I wake up at 4:30am and get to bed around 8pm. This eliminates most of the fun evening activities for me, seeing as I like being fresh for my morning group sessions.  This past week I decided to suck it up and head over to MIT from 7-9pm to attend my first gymnastics class with 2 fellow Boston FitPro’s that I had never met.
Let me quickly remind you of a few things:
#1 I am pretty introverted when it comes to social situations.
#2 I LOVE my bed.
#3 I have never done gymnastics before.
By taking a chance I met awesome new people, learned new skills and I stepped WAY outside my comfort zone + had a FUCKING BLAST!!!

It turns out that this past Friday was International Day of Happiness!
(Thank you Andrea the likeness is uncanny)

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