Here are the first of a few workouts I will be sharing with you this week 🙂
This is one of my favorite dumbbell complexes of all time 🙂

Then there is the “pregnant modified version” from this past week!

Short on time/limited on equipment?! A #complex is a series of 3-5 exercises linked together and performed for given repetitions without rest. Complexes are most often done with #kettlebells, sandbags, barbells or #dumbbells. They can serve a myriad of purposes from a stand alone session to a #finisher. They may focus on lower reps and heavier weight or higher reps and moderate weight. Here’s a quickie demo of a dumbell complex with higher repetitions that you can use as a stand alone short sesh or a metabolic finisher after your upper body strength training. 10 renegade rows 20 mt climbers 5 burpees (these are modified) 10 long cycle clean and presses. Rest :45-60 seconds and repeat 4-6 times. Short and #fun! Full workout on my YouTube channel 🙂 #progressnotperfection #workoutwednesday #workoutathome #freeworkout #fitfam #fitness #fitpregnancy #birthfit #smartstrength @k.deer

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