If it isn’t scheduled, it isn’t real!
This is something I learned in B School with Marie Forleo a decade ago and it’s oh so true.

This week I want you to take 10-20 minutes and sit down with a notebook and write out how you would realistically like to spend your time.  We all have the same hours in the day and somehow some people get more done than others.  This exercise will allow you to plan ahead and make time for the things that are important to you in order for you to be happy!
( below is an example of  my schedule PRE KIDS)

*Take your schedule and have a copy at your desk were you can see it/inside your daily planner or hung up in your home office. MAKE IT VISIBLE.

After you have blocked off your time the way you realistically would like to spend it;

I have a few more honest questions to ask yourself.

What area(s) of the health and fitness lifestyle do you struggle with?

Which habits do you see yourself practicing daily?

Is it sleep, starting the day off with some movement or breath… perhaps its active recovery using yoga tune up balls that you need to prioritize.

Maybe you really need to be drinking more water or you need to routinely get 3 days a week of strength training in.

This is your life. YOU DECIDE!

Suggestions for you to include: weekly grocery shopping, your favorite television show, food preparation, reading, family time, ANYTHING YOU MAY HAVE A HARD TIME COMMITTING TO … include it in your schedule.

Grab your pen and notebook and let’s talk GOALS!

What do you want out of next 365 days?

What are you looking forward to?

Where do you see yourself in 3 years goals? (They can be health related, physical, strength or habit wise!)

Think of all the things you have done, and continue to do EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR OTHER PEOPLE that require effort and time.

Building the life you want for yourself is no different.

What do you want?

What is it that you need to do daily to get what you want?

What do you need to NOT do /(do less of)  to get what you want?

Now establish a few habits that when done on a daily/ weekly basis will progress you towards your ultimate goals

Priorities are as follows:

You will make mistakes, OWN THEM AND MOVE ALONG.