In this weeks #tutorial #tuesday we talked bird dogs! I find this exercise to be commonly butchered in yoga, pilates as well as physical therapy. My clients have developed a LOVE/HATE relationship with the “sweat dog”. Get yourself up against a wall and perform 5 reps of a 5 second isometric hold and I PROMISE you will have more respect for this exercise 🙂


I am so proud of this woman’s commitment and dedication to herself! In order to help others out there who may be on the fence about getting started on their own journey here is a little bit of wisdom from this amazing woman.
“I have chronic depression. This process and seeing the progress I’ve made so far are helping me with managing the symptoms of my depression. I started this because I wanted to lose weight and I wasn’t sure where to begin. I also had a hard time putting myself first, not because I couldn’t make the time but because I didn’t think I was worth it. I’ve gone from 204 lbs to 190 lbs since April. Seeing results, feeling better about myself, and having more energy are all awesome changes. I’m often reminded this wasn’t a one-time decision because challenges arise from time to time. I appreciate the dynamic aspect of this type of self-improvement work, because when I’m doing better things for me, I’m a better person for others. Initially I was terrified to take the pictures but it had to happen! I asked a friend to do it so they’d look right.  I thought she’d be disgusted seeing my body and the rolls and cellulite, but she said she was proud of me for doing this and that she wants to get healthy too. She said it made her want to take an honest look at her body.) My “in progress”/”during” photos are almost unbelievable to me! I owe you major props & thanks! I wouldn’t have made it to this point without your guidance, advice + support!vI looked at the before pictures and the current pictures and couldn’t believe it!!! This was what I thought:  I’m doing it. I’m really doing it. I also want to say thanks for the encouragement. Every time I make a good decision, like 20 minutes longer on a dog walk, or taking the stairs, or 1 dessert (80/20 rule!) a day (Lol but seriously), I build confidence in myself & that’s due to the knowledge you impart, encouragement, and pushing me to challenge myself. I’m stronger than I thought and can keep getting stronger.  I feel limitless. That’s such a cool feeling to feel hopeful, to see potential in myself I’m just so damn grateful. And being able to break the ice on this with me mom… that’s HUGE. Thanks for all you do.”


Here are my group training clients continuing to kill it this week!!!!

  This past week I took a trip to Easton to get a workout in with my friend Jenna, the owner of an awesome training facility just outside of Boston.  Sandra, Jenna and I went through a great total body strength + conditioning circuit together 🙂 As someone who trains solo in her garage, a group training session is extra fun + super motivating when it gets to happen!

I am getting married in less than 1 week.. HOLY SHIT!!!
This past week my clients threw me (my kind of) bachelorette party. We went to Water Country during the day, to act like 7 year olds again and then went out for SUSHI!!!
I can’t say enough about the special group of women I have been able to surround myself with since starting my own business a few years ago. They are all STRONG in MIND BODY + SOUL. They are POWERFUL and INSPIRING beyond measure. Amongst this group of kick-ass women are hard-core entrepreneurs, mothers, interior designers, CFO’s, massage therapists, theatre company owners, lawyers + email marketing gurus that have chosen to PUT THEMSELVES FIRST + PRIORITIZE THEIR HEALTH+ FITNESS.
They are not only my closest friends but they have become my family.  I am forever grateful for each and every one of them. This was a special night that I will never forget, filled with laughs, heartfelt conversations and of course FLEXING DEM GUNS!

Favorite Fitness Reads

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All you need is a chair and a single kettlebell!