IT HAS BEEN A MEMORABLE WEEK (in and out of the studio)  TO SAY THE LEAST!
Here are some more awesome client progress photos 🙂

Who says you can’t lose fat and gain muscle after 40!??!?
Please join me in congratulating JT, he gets married TODAY!
Here are some more AWESOME progress photos from my group strength training program:
“Stacey, I’m so excited!!! Thought you should see the results!!! Yay!
I am so fucking pumped right now. Gonna go bang out a work-out and have like one thousand grams of protein.
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This week’s Tutorial Tuesday was all about beginner lunge variations.  Throughout the years I have had countless clients come to me with limited hip+ core mobility +stability and these two exercises are HANDS DOWN my favorite to incorporate into their routines. Those who may have big toe issues as well as limited ankle mobility can use the door frame lunge to their advantage as well!


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xoxo- Stacey