I joke with my nutrition coaching clients that I’m no Betty Crocker!
Heck I’m no Ginny Lawrence either ( thats my MIL the personal chef ).
BUT I have created my own way to eat (PLUG N PLAY) for the long haul that enables me to prepare my protein in advance and pair it with tasty veggies, fats and carbs that is sustainable for the long haul.  Since I am not a fan of long elaborate recipes THESE condiments are used in heavy rotation throughout my weekly meals.

I like to have a few of my weekly meals automated so that the decision making is gone on my end.
I love ground chicken and salsa with veggies in a wrap.
Cauliflower rice with sausage and some greek ranch.
Scallops and zucchini noodles with Rao’s and some parmesan cheese.
Lean Ground Beef, some Carolina Gold and broccoli slaw, just to name a few!
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