Hey guys! I have been computer-less for the past 2 weeks and have missed you greatly!
Just in time to let you know I have 2 slots left for the END OF 2015 Nutrition Coaching Program. This will take you through until January 1st and it is the last time the program will be offered for just $99!!!
Join the rest of the Progress Not Perfection Graduates in enjoying their best health and physiques yet ūüôā


Favorite Fitness Reads

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Spot Reduction and Stubborn Fat Loss– Born Fitness
Get Strong Glutes With Mechanical Drop Sets– Ben Bruno
The 4 Riskiest Types of Exercise and How To Do Them Better– Dr. John Rusin
IF YOU WANT ONE OF THOSE LAST TWO SLOTS email me at stacey@staceyschaedler.com
ASAP with NUTRITION 2015 in the subject!