This post is about MY experience post baby #2 with debilitating ovulation pain.  I have met many women who have used Arvigo Abdominal Massage for help with menstruation cramps, fertility issues, c- section adhesions and digestion (constipation) as well. I am not making any crazy claims, just sharing what has been my personal experience.

arvigo abdominal massage for ovulation pain
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Normally the uterus leans slightly over the bladder in the center of the pelvis, about one and a half inches above the pubic bone. It is held in this position by muscles, the vaginal wall and ligaments that attach it to the back, front, and sides of the pelvis. Uterine ligaments are made to stretch to accommodate a growing fetus inside and to move freely when the bladder or bowel is full. The ligaments and muscles can weaken and loosen, causing the uterus to fall downward, forward, backward or to either side.
A uterus in any of these positions is called tilted or prolapsed. Modern medicine has little or nothing to offer women with this problem. Options may include using the birth control pill, muscle relaxants, or surgery and women are generally told, “your uterus is tipped, but that is normal and don’t worry about it.” Yet women have a laundry list of physical and emotional symptoms that can be addressed and prevented with these simple, noninvasive massage techniques. When reproductive organs shift, they can constrict normal flow of blood and lymph, and disrupt nerve connections. Just a few extra ounces sitting on blood and lymph vessels can cause havoc throughout the different systems in the body. By shifting the uterus back into place, homeostasis, or the natural balance of the body, is restored in the pelvic area and the surrounding organs. Toxins are flushed and nutrients that help to tone tissue and balance hormones are restored to normal order. This is essential for healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery.
Old adhesions from invasive treatments to the pelvic and abdominal area, including fibroid tumors, endometriosis, and cesarean delivery are diminished when addressed by uterine massage. In addition, digestion, urinary and bladder problems can be helped.”

My relationship with my body changed drastically when I was told I was well on my way to a double knee replacement at the tender age of 18. I went down the never-ending path of how my body works. I would describe myself as someone who is super science evidence based with a bit of “woo woo”.
When I was pregnant with Julia she was in a transverse lie, I sought out help from a physical therapist I trusted and we did some energy work (no hands on) and the baby moved!
After my first birth I experienced painful sex…sending me down the rabbit hole of pelvic floor physical therapy.
After baby #2, I got my period back and experienced debilitating ovulation pain. My OB GYN and midwife both suggested I go on birth control to help regulate my period. Once again I knew this wasn’t the right choice for me. Instead I shared my symptoms with a group of educated and experienced women and was pointed in the direction of Arvigo Abdominal Massage.   I foam roll other parts of my body and prior to having children did abdominal rolling via Jill Miller and her coregeous ball, it only made sense for me to dive deeper into abdominal massage.

This post is for every woman who feels like “something is off,” in her belly. Whether this is related to menstruation, a “retroverted uterus”, digestion, weight-loss surgery, fertility, menopause, post hysterectomy, c-section or other abdominal surgery. All the TMI shit that no one talks about. NO SUCH THING IN MY OPINION LOL. My advice to you is please keep stretching your beliefs and looking for answers. This is not to dismiss science or western medicine but instead to encourage thinking and looking outside the box.
Growing and birthing two humans undoubtedly changes things internally (big time IMO). After all, why would things “just go back to normal”, given the long pushing phase and position of my baby at birth? Instead of going on another medication, with potential side effects, I took matters into my own hands (literally), and you can too.
As someone who works intimately with women on a daily basis…WOMEN ARE AWARE AF! We know when something doesn’t feel right, and most of the time, we are onto something. If you want to know more about Arvigo Massage keep reading.
I logged on to this site and made an appointment with a practitioner. It’s kind of expensive, super thorough and a bit of a stretch for even my “woo woo” beliefs. Like come on “moving the uterus back into place!??!!??!” Sounds like some BULLSHIT TO ME. BUT hear me out. I only got one massage and the next time I ovulated…I HAD NO PAIN. And have had none since. My period returned to its normal state.

I like anything that can be added to my self-care routine, and now this is just another tool in my toolbox.
Here are the directions for the self massage:
Have you or anyone you know gotten an Arvigo Massage?
What was your experience?