I apologize it’s been awhile since you have heard from me! I am currently sitting on my mother- in- law’s computer writing to you 🙂 My computer is in the shop and won’t be expected home until Tuesday at the earliest! Ginny is having 25 people over in just a few so I will make this post brief!
I’m really glad I made the switch over to #workoutwednesday because it really has been a hit!
This one reached OVER 100 likes on Instagram this past week.
All you need is 2 kettlebells to get ERRRR done.

Feel free to use this as a quickie workout OR a killer finisher!
Long cycle cleans-5
Alternating Bent Over Row- 10
Front Squat-5
Strict Overhead Press-5
Rest as needed and repeat for set amount of time or rounds based on preference!
I used 2 (12kgs) and it took me 53-59sec per round so I rested 1 min in between rounds and repeated for 6 rounds total.  
2 Weeks ago I highlighted one of my FAVORITE Booty Burning exercises: The Single Leg Deadlift to Reverse Lunge. Here are two versions using the kettlebell. 

It’s not always WHAT you do, sometimes it’s about HOW you do it! In today’s #workoutwednesday we are talking about the single leg deadlift to reverse lunge 🙂 one of my all time favorites for setting your ASS on fire💥. Whether you use single or double #Kettlebells I want you to think about locking into your upper back while the bells are on the floor and doing a 3-5 second isometric hold in the SLDL position. Lengthen your torso from your hips while rotating your standing hip backwards. Grip the handles hard and feel the connection to your upper back as you drive your heel forcefully through the ground to stand. Keeping torso long perform the reverse lunge with a nice forward lean. Repeat for 6-8 full reps on each side. BOOM! Look out for regressions and progressions as well as full videos in my newsletter this weekend #progressnotperfection #smartstrength #datass #bootybootybooty #glutes #fitfam A video posted by Stacey Schaedler Strength (@staceyschaedler) on

If the kettlebell combination seems a bit daunting…here is an even simpler variation for you!
Beginner Variation using a yoga block!

Full Length Kettlebell Variation

Intermediate Variation Using Landmine

Advanced Variation Using a Deficit


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***Do you sometimes feel down with the change of season? If so talk to your doctor about adding a HAPPY LIGHT into your daily routine. I swear by it! Instead of my usual lunchtime in the sun I spend 10 minutes in front of it either practicing a bit of yoga or getting some emails responded to.