I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend!  I am working today and took Monday off to hit up my favorite beach on the North Shore 🙂 It is supposed to be amazing weather 🙂
The next few weeks will be filled with awesome stuff I learned at the 2nd Annual Women’s Fitness Summit in Kansas City.  The following exercise can be used by ANYONE regardless of your level of fitness. It is a mobility exercise that can be done daily to promote thoracic mobility… which the vast majority of us need these days.

You most likely remember my client Sarah as the new momma who ran the Boston Marathon with flying colors this year. Here is what she was able to accomplish in a SAFE + SUSTAINABLE way this past year!

Can’t say enough great things about this woman. She truly has grown SO MUCH inside and out since having her son. She learned to consistently listen to her body + ENJOY the journey!!!! I have all the 💪🏼😍💪🏼😍💪🏼😍 for her! #Repost @feetfailmenot_ with @repostapp. ・・・ I’ve been going back and forth about the idea of posting this picture but think that if you are really proud of a challenging journey that you had to overcome then you should be confident enough to share it. However, my goal isn’t really to show off, it’s more to explain to all those who are going through their postpartum journey my experience. {picture shown is about 1 year apart} And I have to say this… It was (and still is) one of the HARDEST THING I’ve ever gone through. Both physically and emotionally. I didn’t bounce back as quickly as I wanted to. Everything I did before Lincoln didn’t seem to work (!!) and those final 5-8lbs just wouldn’t budge!! And on top of it all I got injured and couldn’t keep going. SUUUCCCKKKEED!! But I stuck with it. I fought those mental demons and reminded myself that it’s all about long term goals not a short quick fix. To be patient. That our postpartum bodies are NOT like they were before. And heck probably never will. STOP COMPARING (so hard but as soon as you do this it will make a huge difference). Lean on those for their strength and guidance (@staceyschaedler 😘😘). If something isn’t working then CHANGE it up. And to just believe in yourself and trust the process. Don’t give up! “You have to want it more than you’re afraid of it” #postpartumjourney #oneyearlater #believeinyourself #trusttheprocess #progressionnotperfection #flexinbinbothpictures #whywouldnti

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THIS girl got married on Saturday WOOHOOOOOO!!! Katie has come a long way since I first meet her this past winter. As a former collegiate athlete, she had become more sedentary then she would have liked. She came to me wanting to revamp her nutrition and exercise routine and get back to feeling her best. Well she did all that and more. She went from struggling to complete a training session to excelling at anything and everything I threw her way! I can’t wait to share photos from her big day 🙂

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