As you know I am taking a break from tutorial Tuesday and giving Workout Wednesday a shot! It is going pretty well thus far 🙂
I shared a great finisher or stand alone “quickie” workout this past week.
“Don’t Forget the Guns!”
Grab a #kettlebell and give your guns a little pump 💪
Perform 12 Power Clean to Front Squat with bicep curl
Follow up with 12 Figure 8 to overhead presses!
Repeat with 10/10, 8/8 and so on and so forth!
I promise it’s a fun one 🙂

Give it a shot and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to tag @staceyschaedler + #progressnotperfection!
My next month of Online Group Nutrition is starting up on October 15th. Spots are filling up fast! Just because you are over 50 and/or going through menopause doesn’t mean you have to settle for increased fat around the middle.
Here is a testimonial that I shared on Facebook this past week that was very well received 🙂
“I’m in my mid sixties and before I started with Stacey, I had been going to Weight Watchers for 10 years and was a Lifetime member. I had lost weight and had kept it off most of those years, but as I was going through menopause, I put weight back on (all in my stomach area), and couldn’t lose that fat no matter how hard I tried, and OH DID I TRY.
I would do cardio at the gym for at least 1 hour three times a week if not more.
I would only eat the “points” that I was allowed and never, ever, enjoy myself with food like I saw so many of my girlfriends doing.

I thought there must be something wrong with me.
My daughter suggested I talk to Stacey and that she thought she could help me. Not only did Stacey help me, she gave me hope that I could definitely lose my belly fat and assured me that I could really enjoy food + life more than I was currently.
She is the only one that had a solution to middle age spread, not any of my doctors! She said at my age I have to eat a lot more protein! ( I think I was only eating about 20 grams per day) I joined Stacey’s Progress Not Perfection Group Nutrition Coaching in June and I have lost 7 lbs, and have lost that stomach fat!!!! I feel like I’ve lost more but it’s also the inches, and I feel great in my NEW CLOTHES!
I don’t have the anxiety about getting older and having to look frumpy, because I know that with the way I’m eating and treating my body, that will never happen again! I’ve also started strength training with Stacey and I feel strong and 100% confident that I can do anything I set my mind to. I just want to thank my daughter, Jenny and Stacey for my NEW, SLIMMER 60+ NO BELLY BODY!!!” – Patty

***If you are interested in some more information on the program, shoot an email to with NUTRITION in the subject line!
We had another KICK-ASS week at the studio!

I also want to wish a HAPPY WEDDING DAY to Jillian and Brian who got married this Saturday!
I will continue to get outside for part of my workouts as we make our way further into October 🙂

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