1. The love you have for your child is CRAZY. CRAZY LOVE like you have never known before.

2. Your body can survive on VERY little sleep. Prior to having a baby, I was a sleep junkie. I felt my best with 7-8 hrs of sleep a night. Same went for Anthony. It was pretty much the thing we were the most afraid of with a new baby.  When I would get a shitty nights sleep I would feel hungover and cranky and crave carbs like crazy. Here I am a month in, with streaks of 2-3hrs of sleep being the norm and I AM SURVIVING 🙂
3. Development of 1- handed skill set happens quite quickly. The babe loves being close as much as possible and in order to do laundry, respond to emails/txts, make food etc…you need a free hand.  This little kangaroo pouch is PRETTY helpful too!
4. Have snacks on hand that are easy to eat/put together.
I have lived on Applegate Farms turkey+ cheese wrapped with lettuce and mustard, snack sized trail mix, apples and cheese, sun warrior protein shakes with spinach and peaches, and whatever Anthony whips up for dinner 🙂 Oh and DRINK WATER LIKE A BOSS!
5. Being STRONG makes motherhood easier. Here I am leaving the hospital. Car seats and strollers DEFINITELY weigh over 5lbs ladies. So does your baby. Smart Strength Training is the BEST THING YOU CAN DO FOR YOURSELF AS A MOTHER!
6. Upper back release is KEY, especially if you are breastfeeding.
If the crunching portion below, doesn’t feel supported due to abdominal separation..SKIP IT!
Modify as needed 🙂

7. Start alignment exercises in your first 1-2 weeks home.

8. Simple floor exercises are your best friend

9. Take your time, enjoy your baby, your body is more resilient than you can ever imagine. You worked hard to create this little life and they won’t be young forever so ENJOY IT!
10. Coordinate a schedule with your spouse, family and friends.  I believe outdoor/alone time is critical to a mothers happiness. I am so fucking lucky to have Anthony. He understands and respects my needs and always reminds me to put myself first, even when I might not want to.
Lots of people told us Tater would be ignored the first few weeks of having a baby. Proud to say that is NOT the case at all. He gets his daily hikes in because we make it a priority.   Getting outside the house is good for my mental health and Anthony thoroughly understands that. Tater is a better big brother when he gets movement in. The whole family benefits…so we make it happen.
What have you learned from Motherhood!?!