Here is my first of THREE FREE WORKOUTS 🙂
This one is fun finisher, so grab a kettlebell and let’s get moving!
8 snatches (on non-dominant hand)
8 squat thrusts (on non-dominant hand)
8 1-arm swings (on non-dominant hand)
50 yard overhead carry (on non-dominant hand) —
hand to hand switch and repeat on your dominant hand!
Rest :30-:45sec and repeat 3x ‪#‎progressnotperfection‬ ‪#‎smartstrength‬

For those of you who aren’t thrilled with all the pregnancy workouts I have been posting, I totally understand :0
HERE is a little THROWBACK bodyweight fun for you! You can do this in the comfort of your home or even a hotel room!
Last but not least here is a QUICKIE 10 minute workout that you can complete using just one kettlebell!

Bent Over Row-6/6
Goblet Style Reverse Lunge-12
1A Swing-6/6
1A Thruster- 6/6
Repeat 3-5 rounds or 10 minutes!
WOOHOOOOOO I hope you enjoyed these and I look forward to being in regular contact with you all!!!