The Keto Diet is all the rage these days. People are seeing amazing results with this strict diet protocol. Lists of foods you can and can’t eat and lots of rules are appealing to some people who simply want to be told what to do and when.

But is the Keto Diet actually sustainable?

Can you actually see yourself never eating carbs again?

I know I can’t!

This photo from 7 years ago popped up and made me smile.

This was the start of my Progress not Perfection lifestyle.
I didn’t diet down for this photoshoot. I didn’t keto diet my way into worthiness. In fact I haven’t “dieted” keto diet or not, since then. As a former bikini and figure competitor, this was a big deal for me. Before I adopted my Progress not Perfection lifestyle, I allowed myself to believe that my body had to be shredded in order to be photographed. When I stopped competing I vowed never to follow anyone else’s rules with regard to food. I set out to create a sustainable way to eat that satisfied me. No deprivation like the keto diet. I didn’t crush myself with crazy workouts and I didn’t restrict my calories to an extreme. I didn’t follow someone else’s meal plan or eliminate certain foods like the keto diet. And for the first time, in a long time, I had energy and felt strong.

I showed up to this photoshoot with two female trainer friends and just felt inadequate. I fell into the comparison trap and second guessed my decision to show up as “myself”. They both rocked sports bras and shredded stomachs, and I allowed myself to feel less than. We did photos together and I kept my tank top on. I wasn’t in my “best shape” and I didn’t want to be compared to them. I vividly remember when it was time to do photos and videos I was SO self- conscious of my body, instead of grateful for all that it could do. I told myself to “just be me” and I rocked the yoga pose above with a genuine smile.

I left the shoot feeling bummed that I couldn’t confidently show up as 100% me in my own skin.

I smile today because SO much conscious growth has taken place since this photo was taken.

Now I truly know that my worth is NOT found in what MY BODY LOOKS LIKE or WHAT MY BODY CAN DO.

Instead, I am what’s inside of my heart + mind and what I can do to help others bring forth the best in themselves.

Even more has transpired in my business since then and I have been able to guide a lot of people down a healthier path within their lifestyle.

I’ve helped hundreds of women shed the “dieting” mindset in favor of creating a way to eat that works for them sustainably.

Progress not Nutrition coaching isn’t about restricting yourself to attain the “perfect body”. Instead it’s about finding the middle ground where you eat in a way that makes you feel your best while incorporating the foods you love in moderation.  It is truly a way to enjoy life and find freedom in your food choices.

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I hope this gives you some insight into what my Progress Not Perfection Online Nutrition Coaching is all about!

I’ve decided to do some more “Facetime” work with my online coaching clients and will be doing bi-weekly Facebook Lives covering questions and struggles of group members as well as catching up with clients on the phone half way through the program. I want to see you succeed, and have that success spread to all other areas of your life as well 🙂

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