Suppose you started off the month really “good,” with your food. As a result you experienced significant scale changes week after week. Let’s say perhaps, you lost 2 lbs a week for four sequential weeks.


0.5-2lbs a week is a an AMAZING SUCCESS RATE when it comes to fat loss. I think we get bombarded with these crazy diets and cleanses that we don’t realize what sustainable fat loss actually looks like!

Fat loss progress

Progress is progress and fat loss isn’t linear

I would advise that it is not always realistic to assume that fat loss will continue in this linear fashion for the duration of your journey. In fact, the more you have to lose initially, the more you may lose early on.
***the following fat loss charts are all real and from actual clients

Fat loss is not linear

Fat Loss Chart

Client Fat Loss Charts

When you have more body fat to lose you may lose decent scale weight but it doesn’t translate to significant visual improvement. The opposite is true when you have less fat to lose, the scale might not change at all BUT you will see more changes in your body when you compare photos.

This is one of the major reasons I recommend that my clients track scale weight, inches and take progress photos!  I don’t think you need to obsessed with these measurements like you would if you were competing BUT weighing yourself 1x per week (depending on your circumstances) and taking measurements and photos every 4-6 weeks is highly recommended.

As many of us have experienced, the last 5-10 lbs can be significantly more difficult to lose than the first 5-10. As fat loss slows down, and you have less body fat to lose your body fights fat loss harder than it did initially.   As you get closer to your goal, you will have to be MORE consistent and work even HARDER, with less dramatic results. This is one of the reasons why fat loss is such a journey and being aware of these facts in advance can actually HELP you be even more successful in your fat loss pursuits.

last 5 lbs

Proof is in the photos

Last ten pounds

Let’s say you lost 2 lbs a week for a month and then 1.5 lbs the next week and ZERO the following…this week of stalling DOESN’T MEAN things aren’t progressing. It doesn’t mean your program needs to be adjusted, you have to drastically cut calories or that you have to do cardio. It most likely means you have to CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

Because here’s the deal, FAT LOSS IS NOT SOME MAGICALLY LINEAR PROCESS. EVER. I need you to remember that there will be ups and downs to progress and that’s totally normal. Always take a step back and look for that downward trend. There will be weeks that NOTHING seems to be happening. That’s okay. Because there will also be weeks where you don’t even try that hard and the stars align and EVERYTHING IMPROVES.

This is all part of the bigger picture of PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION.
Real, lasting progress happens over time and is cumulative. BE FUCKING PATIENT and LET IT HAPPEN.
Numbers, whether weight, inches or body fat percentages can become an added source of stress that works against you when you find yourself obsessing over them.

Remember not to define your success/ failure simply by what the numbers are telling you.

I advise my clients to always come back the following questions:


Do you have more energy?

How far have you come?

Are you sleeping better?

Are you feeling stronger?

Are you happier?

Progress will not move in a straight line. Fat loss will always be non- linear. Put your head down, focus on your goal, along with the behaviors that will support what you are trying to achieve. The results will come over time.
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