Happy Sunday 🙂 I have a few more FREE WORKOUTS for you this week!
This week’s workout Wednesday was an oldie but goodie from Coach Nick Tumminello, taken from my figure competition days!
You can use this as a stand alone workout or save it for a leg day finisher…either way you will not be disappointed 🙂

Split Squat-12/12
Alternating reverse lunge-24
Step Up w/ knee drive-12/12
Alternating Split Squat jump-24
Repeat 3x
***This can be used as a finisher or a stand alone leg smasher. Start with a rep # you can successfully complete!
By now you know I like to refer to the kettlebell as the gym in your hand.  I also highly encourage everyone to have at least one bell at home for quick + dirty workouts! Take this Saturday’s “Dining Room Takeover Workout,”  short on time and excuses, all you need is a kettlebell and a band!
Round 1
TGU- 2/2
Bearcrawls- 40
Feet Elevated Glute Bridge- 15
Round 2
C+P- 5/5
1A Racked Front Squat- 8/8
Back on Bench Banded Hip Thrust- 15 ( last rep iso hold with abduction x 10)
Round 3
Lateral Step Up- 8/8
Bent Over Row- 10/10
Swing- 20

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