In continuation with last weeks tutorial on the 1/2 kneeling windmill, this week we progress to the actual windmill.  Now that you have broken down what is going on in the lower body + the upper body in a half kneeling position, we can easily take this exercise to standing!

Using your newly developed windmill skillz,  grab a #kettlebell and get your #ASS outside!

Set your timer for :30 work and :30 rest.
Perform the following circuit for 4-5 rounds!

2. Squat + bicep curl
3. Windmill Left
4. Windmill Right
5. Figure 8 to Hold


photo courtesy of Jess McDougallCreative


Seeing as I am in a giving mood…

Here is one of my favorite ways to use kettlebells in a simple DOUBLE KETTLEBELL complex:
5 Long Cycle Cleans, 5 Strict Presses, 5 Front Squats
Using an equal work to rest ratio, repeat for AS MANY ROUDS AS POSSIBLE in 15 minutes!

Favorite Fitness Reads

The Problem With Cardio– Mike Vacanti
When “Healthy” Habits Aren’t– Kate Galliet
Four Ways Lean People Think– Bryan Krahn
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