This is one of my favorite kettlebell flows since becoming pregnant: I like to call it the
“Prego Flow Deep Six,” its taken from StrongFirst and I have adapted it to my changing body’s needs :))))

  • 1- Arm swing, Snatch, Clean, Squat, Press, & TGU (modified)
  • Hand to hand switch and repeat on the opposite side
  • Can be used as a warm-up, stand alone quickie for time or a finisher 🙂

Class and groups were super busy this week due to the New Year and the fact that Anthony and I are FINALLY going on our honeymoon!

I am keeping up with my own workouts as well!
The baby bump made it’s first appearance this week and I decided to show it off at the gym this weekend 🙂


Favorite Fitness Reads of the Week:

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ENJOY YOUR WEEK + I will be in touch soon!