Boston based personal trainer Stacey Schaedler lets you in on her favorite squatting variation.
Let’s say you’re a bodyweight squatting professional.

You have been goblet squatting and double kettlebell squatting but you aren’t quite sure you want to start barbell squatting.
I have the perfect squat for you to try!
This Tutorial Tuesday I am having my client Liz demonstrate this squat variation and I am cueing her as well as acknowledging her tendencies throughout the squat. Remember everybody is different and just because barbell back squatting doesn’t feel good doesn’t mean you are destined to goblet squat the rest of your life!

Are you intimidated by the “big lifts” but want to feel more confident in your movement patterns with heavier weights?
Perhaps you want to squat without pain or overanalyzing.
Maybe you’re super mobile want to work on creating some core stability.
If you nodded yes to any of the above… give the landmine front squat a go.
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