Strength Training in Boston

womens strength training south boston
Did you know that Stacey Schaedler Strength is a small studio in the heart of South Boston that specializes in Strength Training for Women?!?
Are you a woman who wants to learn how to strength train intelligently but the cost of personal training in Boston prohibits it? Are you overwhelmed and intimidated in the weight room and looking for a welcoming community learn new strength skills? Stacey offers strength training in Boston with individualized personal training in a small group setting right across from the Broadway T Stop in South Boston. Our small group strength training sessions run 6AM-7AM and 7AM-8AM each weekday morning.
Each new client is evaluated one on one and taken through an assessment and functional movement screen.  Goals are discussed and your customized strength training routine is created.  After the initial meeting, clients show up for small group strength training with other members of Stacey’s crew and each follow their individual program catered to their unique goals and training history.  All levels are welcome and encouraged. If you want to hear more about strength training in Boston with Stacey and her crew check out what her clients have to say! 

Small group personal training sessions begin with breathing/ foam rolling then mobility and core stability and move on to total body strength training sessions. The customized programming is progressive and is changed every 5 weeks.  If you are looking for guidance to increase your strength and posture Stacey Schaedler Strength is the place to start small group personal training in Boston.

strength training boston
Virtually all the women I come into contact with are looking to “tone up”.  Did you know that the “toned” look is actually achieved by gaining muscle (strength training)  and losing fat (nutritional calorie deficit) . Strength training combined with sustainable nutrition is THE MOST EFFICIENT way to get “toned”. Strength training can actually CHANGE your body instead of simply making it smaller as traditional cardio does.
Vanity is not the only benefit boasted by strength training! Did you know that the more muscle you have on your body the more you can eat and not gain fat! I don’t know about you but THIS GIRL CAN EAT. I also love the fact that total body strength training consistently 3x a week can get you amazing results. Check out my Female Fat Loss Heirarchy here.
The majority of my clients are busy driven women who make their health a priority. A subset of this community is MOTHERS and Mamas to be! Do you want to feel like yourself again postpartum? Pick your kids up and toss that toddler around without fear of leaking or throwing out your back? It IS possible with thoughtful, progressive strength training in Boston with Stacey. Check out what her mamas are saying here.
I love teaching women just how strong they are from the INSIDE OUT.  Strength Training creates confidence like no other form of exercise I have experienced. The fact remains that life can be HARD and strength training in Boston can be an amazing outlet for stress. The supportive community at Stacey Schaedler Strength is the aspect of the business that I am most proud of. I LOVE it when WOMEN SUPPORT OTHER WOMEN, and that is just what you will find here! All you have to do is show up for your group session. The community holds you accountable and helps keep you consistent even when your motivation may be waining.
 “In due time, I was going to realize that improving the way I felt about myself was about so much more than how I looked and how much I weighed. Nearly two years later, I am thriving from Stacey’s multifaceted, sustainable approach where methods for improved physical health and wellbeing can be as unique as my needs are any given week. Strength training has been eye-opening for me; I believe that when I get to wherever I’m going with my fitness and health goals, my body is just one part of that equation.  “- Client LM
Interested in learning more? Shoot me an email at or drop-in for STRENGTH Sunday’s at 10AM at South Boston Yoga.

Strength Training South Boston
If you aren’t in the Boston area and are still interested in pursuing strength training, give Smart Strength my 12 Week Strength Training Program a solid go.  It is the foundation I teach all my in person clients and will get you AMAZING RESULTS when you follow the routine. Smart Strength can be followed at home with limited equipment or at the gym.