As moms, our posture changes during pregnancy and all the sitting we do postpartum can really leave us with tight hips. These tight hips take over for our glutes, leaving us in pain, with no rear end to boot “aka” MOM-BUTT.  This post share my 4 exercise sequence to get rid of mom- butt and low back pain. So give them a try.
This is an email I receive quite often from mamas:
“Can you reassure me that you can help me build an ass once I do have a little more time to dedicate to eating well and working out?! Can you teach someone to turn a flat pancake ass into something round?! I never had an ass, but it’s even more atrophied post pregnancy! My sweats won’t even stay up right now!”
As a new mama myself I can attest to the truth of this phenomenon. It’s not an illusion! As a result of pregnancy, birth, sitting, nursing, rocking and “momming” in general our hormones shift, our posture shifts and we have to actively work to get our glutes back!
Whether you sit all day, are an athlete, a mother, an avid lifter, or someone simply looking to have a higher and tighter backside, the following four exercises can establish the foundation necessary to get your glutes in the position to fire optimally.


  1. First and foremost check in with your hip flexors. Are they tight AF? The easiest way to decide is by foam rolling your TFL.

2. In order to reestablish intra-abdominal pressure properly after having babies, YOU NEED TO RE -LEARN HOW TO BREATHE. Yes, it’s a thing. That baby shoved your diaphragm way the heck up and put pressure down on your pelvic floor. The system might not work as perfectly as designed after birth. But have no fear this 90/90 breathing variation will get things moving in the right direction. The awesome thing about this exercise it that it doubles as a hip internal rotation drill.  You know how you waddled like at duck at the end of pregnancy (external rotation) This breathing drill will help you regain internal rotation and allow you to use your glutes again! Make sure that your inner thighs are doing the squeezing not your hip flexors! This can take consistent practice and patience.

3. Despite having done my rolling and breathing my damn left hip flexors kept wanting to do all the work and my lower back was bothering me because my left ass STILL  wasn’t showing up the party! This drill from The Posture Restoration Institute is the BEST internal rotation drill I have done to date. LEGITIMATELY, ALL MY MAMA CLIENTS LOVE IT for getting the left glute to show up! If you have a lazy right ass….simply flip the side you perform the drill.

4. We all know I love movement and flows of any kind, especially ones I can easily do when I am on the floor with my kiddos. This side sit and flow is a fun way to practice getting up and down off of the floor throughout the day.

Did you give these exercises a try?
How did they feel?
Give these glute exercises a go and see just how much more you can feel your glutes!
Once you feel like your glutes are firing properly and your low back is feeling great,  head on over to Smart Strength, Smart Strength 2.0 Gym Edition or give the short and intense Fast Fitness  a try!
What other body issues are you struggling with mama? Let me know how I can help!