Change your position to change the muscles that activate.

Makes sense right?

I think we can all agree that Pregnancy and Postpartum change your posture.

Your abdominals stretch to accommodate for the growing baby and they take time and consistent effort to get back on board.

Putting my low back muscles into a lengthened position has helped me greatly in re-engaging my abs postpartum.

By gaining back body expansion and getting my diaphragm stacked above my pelvic floor (Stacking my ribs over hips) in a more “tucked position for me” has been a game changer.

Here are two of my recent favorite exercises that take place in what PRI calls the short seated chest press.

From the outside this looks like a basic pressing movement.

But let me tell you it’s so much more… lights your abs up 🔥

Ribs down abs ON and reach. Focus on filling your upper back with air and exhaling the air away from the front emptying your air from the bottom up.
You should not feel this exercise in your hip flexors or your lower back.

Give this one a try and let us know what you think! Share it if you love it as much as me.

Want to see the entire HOW TO? Check out my IGTV.

The second exercise is a short seated alternating lat pull down.

As you can see we have FLEXION FOR THE WIN! In this short seat position I am better able to inhale into my back body and exhale away from my abs in a real ribs over hips position….FINALLY!

What does this mean for me and my clients?