If you don’t know…now you know…I LOVE ME SOME GLUTES!
Whether you sit all day, are an athlete, an avid lifter, or someone looking to have a higher and tighter backside the HIP THRUST is your ticket to GLUTE CITY.
The hip extension along with posterior chain (glutes + hamstrings) activation make it a top beginner strength training exercise in my book. It is also one of the SIMPLEST ways to teach people how to hip-hinge properly. Even more awesome is the fact that the progressions and variations that build on this exercise are freaking ENDLESS!!!!
(You think I’m kidding?!? Check some of them out here!)

Here is one of my KICK-ASS clients performing an advanced variation 🙂 Barbell back on bench hip thrusts for high reps will get that booty BURNING!!!



Here is my monthly free #smartstrength workout just for you! This one is a bit more cardio based than usual and includes some joy riding on the airdyne bike 😉
Set your timer for 15-20 minutes.
Perform a 20 calorie sprint on the airdyne bike.
Perform 16-20 russian twists.
Perform 20 Figure 8’s.
Perform 20 alternating lunge jumps.
REPEAT for as many rounds as you can in the chosen time, resting as needed.
**** if you are more of a beginner you can choose deadbugs instead of russian twists, bodyweight back on bench hip thrusts instead of figure 8’s and bodyweight alternating reverse lunges instead of jumping ones. You can also chose to ride a stationary or spin bike.
I promise you will still be working HARD AND SMART!


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As always I hope you are having a great weekend + please let me know if there is something in particular you would like to see more of!