Since becoming a mother of two, short home workouts I can do with limited equipment are really CLUTCH!

Regardless of how I choose to set up my home workouts they are all total body. That way I am able to hit the major muscle groups three times a week. Even when I was involved in fitness competitions I didn’t follow body part splits because I wanted a more efficient + effective way to train.

The majority of the exercises in my online and in person programs hit MANY muscle groups at a time.

This post is for those of you who want to watch cueing of all the exercises in the workout. You will see which muscle groups you should be feeling in parentheses below. Remember it’s not what exercises you do, but HOW you do them that matters most!

One of my favorite methods for making workouts simple and effective is utilizing a timer.

By performing these exercises :30 on and :30 off you’re able to keep moving and get STRENGTH + CARDIO done in a single session.

Down Dog Bear Crawl Flow (core/shoulders/hamstrings)

Feet Elevated BOB Hip Thrust (glutes/hamstrings/ core)

Compound Row (back /glutes/ hamstrings/core)

Step Up to Reverse Lunge ( glutes/ quads /core)

Perform AMRAP ( as many reps as pretty) in :30 seconds, rest :30 and move to the other side or the next exercise.

Optional rest for 1 minute and repeat, adding load as necessary.
4 rounds and YOU’RE DONE